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Download & Preview SGAL Templates You can now download templates for SGAL that will work with Verson 10x we got really tired of seeing all the complaints on the forum that this template does not work with Verson 10.1 so my associate Primavera Photo and myself DC decided that we would offer a Template testing section on our server with downloads and working previews of each SGAL template.

We will also be offering mods for SGAL that you can only get here. Send us & Email and let us know what you think?

Comment on templates/Mods voice your opinion now, we want to hear what you think.We would also like to hear from others that made slick templates that we can showcase here.

To view a working copy of any template simply click on the SEE IT IN ACTION link, this will load the selected template in your browser. If the SEE IT IN ACTION link is disabled or grayed out this means you are downloading a mod not a template and no preview is available ...

Please Note: If you see our download icon as well as the text disabled or grayed out this means we have sent the file back to the lab for more testing, as its not working up to our standards or is too buggy to release. Please check back often as we can update files at any time.

IMPORTANT: When trying any mod always make a back up of your original files.

File Modified: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 11:11:25 PMView TemplateSize
Password Protect 2007 SEE IT IN ACTION5.6K
Experimental Test 1-0.10.0SEE IT IN ACTION10.9K
Darkroom-0.10.0 SEE IT IN ACTION13.4K
Roundedred-0.10.0 SEE IT IN ACTION33.7K
Simpel-0.10.0 SEE IT IN ACTION10.9K
Frame It-0.10.0SEE IT IN ACTION37.5K
Default-0.10.0 SEE IT IN ACTION18.2K
Polaroid- V1 SEE IT IN ACTION31.4K
Minima-0.10.0 SEE IT IN ACTION11.7K
Rounded-0.10.0 SEE IT IN ACTION16.9K
Neat2-0.10.0SEE IT IN ACTION12.4K
Templates Available:9  Mods Available:2  Mods back for testing:2Updates:0

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