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The SGAL Lab cracked team of mad scientists welcomes your comments and or opinions on any of the templates or mods we have whipped up here, for your testing pleasure ...

Please Note: only valid comments will be posted. Do not just say hey or great site that is not a valid comment, please make usable comments that can help others who visit the lab, this form is infact smart and will look at your post. Remember it was coded by some mad scientists here at the lab.

Thanks and have fun DC head mad scientist and MP junior mad scientist.

Template/Mod:Experimental Test 1
Date:07/07/12 09:57:48 AM
Name:Don D
I'd love to be able to get a copy of Experimental. It's been in beta for,
like, two years now.Any chance you'll make it available soon?

Date:05/07/11 06:12:40 AM
Name:Muzamil S
I am using the template from last 6 years. My clients are happy. Thank you

Template/Mod:Experimental Test 1
Date:02/18/11 06:07:27 AM
Name:Hynek N
I am joining the group of admirers of this template :-) PLS publish it
early! Neat one is neat too.

Template/Mod:Experimental Test 1
Date:02/07/10 11:44:07 AM
Name:Chuck Z
I like this template. is there a way i can download it?

Template/Mod:Experimental Test 1
Date:06/30/09 07:42:42 PM
Name:Don T
Love this template. When will it be available for download?

Date:04/08/09 09:07:15 AM
Name:Paul A
SGAL is by far the most well thoght out gallery scrip around. Thanks for
all the great templates too.

Template/Mod:Client Protect Demo
Date:03/18/09 02:02:16 AM
Name:Sandra W
You guys are doing a great job I love sgal :-)

Date:02/04/09 01:42:41 PM
i have not a comment i have an idea... i would like a template that shows
all the gallerys like categories, like a vertical menu in the left, for the
users not have to check all the gallery and just see the categorie that
they search.. and may be too a search button..

sorry for my bad english.. i use to speak spanish

Date:01/12/09 10:01:01 AM
Name:Don D
Would like to change Polaroid template so that the thumbnails of the photos
themselves are larger with only 4 in a row, instead of 5. (see this page:

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