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Lake Superior - Sinclair Cove

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Description: Eight kilometres north of Agawa Bay, a sign directs visitors to Agawa Rock, site of a fascinating assembly of ancient rock paintings.

A short scenic hiking trail, wedged between massive split boulders, leads to the lakeshore and Agawa Rock, a cliff-face rising 30 meters above Lake Superior and decorated by 35 pictographs or Indian rock paintings; many are centuries old.

Although the 15 minute hike from the highway to the pictographs is steep, it is well worth the effort to see these 400 year old paintings on rock, created by the Ojibwa People.

When viewing the paintings, visitors are reminded to exercise caution, the rock can be slippery. Be sure to wear hiking boots or heavy tread shoes.

The trail is open from mid-May to mid-September. The paintings can only be viewed when the lake is calm.
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